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Extra - Curricular Activities

Almost every high school offers some type of extracurricular activity, such as music, academic clubs, and sports. These activities offer opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition, diversity, and a sense of culture and community. Extra Curricular activities provide a channel for reinforcing the learned in the classroom, offering students the opportunity to apply academic skills in a real-world context, and are thus considered part of a well rounded education. Recent research suggests that participation in extracurriculr activities may increase students sense of engagement or attachment to their school, and thereby decrease the likehood of school failure and dropping out. If, indeed participation in extracurricular activities can lead to success in school, then the availability of these activities to students of all backgrounds becomes an important equity issue. This issue brief examinations the relationship between extracurricular participation and student engagement in School.

The School has always excelled at the Inter School Athletic Meet. Infrastructure is available to practise Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Throwball, Kho-Kho, Shuttle Badmitten and Skatting, Field Events and Track Events are Practiced by students. The Students are trained and experienced staff of "Sports Mentor". Chess is also taught and students take part in competitions enabiling them to be mentally fit.

Our Extra Curricular Activities

Horse Riding

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