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Bharathi Vidhyalaya Sports School


Our Aim

Bharathi Vidhyalaya sports education is a sports organization which aims to give an opportunity for all the students to feel the sport.

Our Vision

Our vision is “Sports for All” by providing the opportunity for everyone to learn sports by educating them.

Our Goal

Our goal is to grow and strengthen our community, by providing development pathways that are affordable, accessible and inclusive for children ,coaches and officials of all abilities

About Bharathi Vidhyalaya Sports School

Today in our country parents want to rise their child at every field they know and not about their child’s interest. Its every parents responsibility to give their child an opportunity to identify their inborn strength and weakness. Much earlier is the better. Sports is one of the gifts given to each and every child to bring out and cherish their ability to certain extent. Winning and loosing sportively makes their mind strong.

We @ Bharathi vidhyalaya help parents to identify their children’s talent at a very beginning level. Bharathi vidhyalaya is committed to provide good curriculum based sports with well organized syllabus to our students, so that they get trained in a particular sports and grow them professionally to meet up national and international competitive sports. Click here to look more about the sections and timing with respect to categories. We provide total sports management services for schools and colleges to help them take their sports to the next level, and conduct Training Programs for all outdoor and indoor sports. Our coaches are well qualified and have ability to train more than 100 students at a time.

Increasing percentage of obesity in our children in today’s world of fast food, colas and addiction to TV, computers and video games has resulted in lack of health and fitness routine among children.

• Do you want your children to grow up as healthy and fit adults?
• Do you want your children to understand the importance of health and fitness?
• Do you want your children to take complete responsibility for their own health?
• Do you want your children to fare better in academics?
• Do you want to do all of the above… but don’t know how or don’t have the technical or human resources to do this?

We are very happy to introduce ourselves as National Sports Academy – an organisation promoting sports and physical activities at the grassroot level.

We offer an integrated sports and physical education program for schools, called Life Long Fitness which helps to lay the foundation for a healthy, active and fit lifestyle among children.

Benefits for Students:

• Award winning curriculum, having an age appropriate focus on physical fitness, sports, fitness concepts and self management skills
• Trained Physical educators : Around 200 hours of classroom training in foundation pedagogy skills and curriculum in addition to practical implementation in our academies and schools
• Use of innovative equipment making activities exciting and enjoyable
• Health related fitness assessments of students
• Quality control using systematic observation tools like Time Analysis, Active Supervision and Feedback Analysis
• Adherence to school board guidelines around structured curriculum and evaluation

Our program equips children with the knowledge, skills and tools in Physical Education and Sports, to be Active For A Lifetime!

Join hands with us to make a fitter and healthier nation by building a fitness and sports culture around our children!
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Ese With Soar System
• Fun, Play – Stay Healthy As Our Motto Which Every Child Will Adapt Easily
• Age-Appropriateness (Executing Plans Based On The Age And Skills Performed By The Students.)
• All Kind Of Assessments With Proper Records Were Maintained Systematically To Reach The Goal Which Will Be More Suitable For Our Elite Sports Students.
• Our System Helps Physical Education & Sports For Schools Without Interrupting Academic Schedules. Also It Helps To Get To The Same Level Of Involvement For The Students Who Wants To Be Specialized In Sports And Games.


• Structured Physical Education Curriculum – integrated with athletics, transitional games and sports skills.
• Age Appropriate activity / Space Constraint / Time Constraint
• Our Program is about Physical, Mental, Social, Technical and Tactical development of a student.
• Periodic Assessments – based on it report cards will be given.
• Maximum usage of props and equipment’s for kids and active participation in session (Example – 1: 1 ball ratio)
• Program Execution – by highly professional physical education/ sports trainers / coaches
• Daily / Weekly / Monthly Report will be given to School
• Monthly Meeting with School
• Competitions (Monthly tournaments Intramural / Extramural)


• Mandatory program during school hour (curriculum)
• Before & After School Multi Sports Coaching Program
• Sports Education programs Integrated
• Sports Management
• Sports Event Management
• Development of Sports / Physical Education Curriculum
• Sports Infrastructure and Leasing
• Professional Development Programs for Teachers / Coaches.

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