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The School Starts at 9.00 AM and the children should reach the school atleast 10minutes before the session starts. Regular attendance would beniefit the education of the child. Failing to attend except on health grpunds is not acceptable, Unless is duly sanctiones by the Principal before hand.

Parenrts should see that their children do not remain bsent except under unavoidable circumstances and with the written permision of the Principal.

The Students should be in the school premises before the school starts its morning session at 8.50 AM.

Parents should send a leave letter stating, the reason for the absence of their children.

In case of absense without prior permission the child or reporting to school, must produce the reason for his/her absence which should be duly signed by the parent before entry to the class is permitted.

Student suffering from any infections diseases could attend school after thier complete recovery. Irregular attendance are strictly prohibited.

Students must have 85% attendance in order to appear for the Annual Examination.

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